Dental Care

Just as in humans, your pet’s dental health can seriously affect its overall health.  Bad odor, difficulty eating, and even recurring infections and illnesses may be caused by poor dental health.   The kidneys, heart, and liver are all directly affected by periodontal disease.  A build-up of tartar can cause more expensive problems later on, such as dental abscesses and jaw problems.  At-home preventative care is effective and is an important part of your pet’s oral health and we carry several dental care products for home use.  When needed, we perform a complete dental procedure which involves ultrasonic cleaning, polishing, and fluoride treatment while under  anesthesia. Many clients have found that their dog or cat acts like new after a dentistry, and that they had not realized just how vital dental care was to their health and disposition.

To make an appointment for a dental exam or cleaning, call us at 317-291-5830.