et Nutrition in Indianapolis IN


Pet Nutrition in Indianapolis, IN

The nutritional needs of your pet will vary widely based on age and activity.  Specific health problems may also impact your pet’s nutritional requirements.  We can recommend a wide variety of over the counter diets available at most retail stores.  The Eagle Creek Animal Clinic also sells a range of prescription diets for specific problems,  including kidney disease, joint disease, and skin problems, and others to support pet nutrition in Indianapolis, IN

Of course, weight issues have a large place in today’s pet care plans.  Overweight pets commonly develop orthopedic problems in their hips, elbows, and knees.  These problems are painful and can affect the quality of life for the animal.  Some joint problems can be debilitating and can only be corrected surgically.  Other pets can develop internal problems, such as diabetes or respiratory problems, due to overweight conditions.  Our staff has helped many of our clients to gently and effectively achieve and maintain healthy body weights for their pets, increasing their quality and length of life.  We can educate you on a variety of strategies for addressing weight issues in pets, including special diets, owner education, and behavior modification techniques. gives helpful information on this issue.

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