Pet Pharmacy in Indianapolis, IN


Pet Pharmacy in Indianapolis, IN

You and your pet will benefit from our extensive in-house pharmacy of the best, most modern medicines available in veterinary practice; you can have prescriptions filled before you walk out our door.  We offer prescription refill services by phone, in the clinic through our pet pharmacy in Indianapolis, IN , or through our online store. All prescriptions must be approved by a doctor. Anytime a doctor sends home medication our staff will go over instructions on dosing and any questions you might have. If you prefer, we can also call in many prescriptions to your local human pharmacy for you to pick up. When you purchase medications from our pharmacy, you can rest assured that your pet’s medications were obtained from safe, reliable sources and stored under optimal conditions. Our trained staff will fill your prescriptions with care as well as attention to your pet’s specific needs. You can count on us to provide you with accurate information about your pet’s medications, including proper dosing information, and to alert you to any potential drug side effects or interactions. We are also here if you experience any problems with your medication after you return home. Help is only a phone call away! We also offer online pharmacy services through PetDesk.

CustomMed, a locally owned and run specialty pharmacy, also enables us to provide tailor made medications in many cases, including liquids in flavors pets enjoy, and transdermal preparations, which deliver medication across the pet’s skin.

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You can rely on us whether your pet requires medication for a chronic medical condition or needs short-term medication while recovering from an illness, injury, or surgery. Contact us on 317-291-5830 for help.